Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pack out date, set here we go!

We have our pack out date set to do our BIG move overseas for next week. I am honestly very overwhelmed, so I am doing what I normally do when I am overwhelmed...nothing. Seriously when I have too much to do, I just kind of sit there stunned, like a deer in headlights. Good thing the Lord knows my limitations, and brings workers in to do the job. I consider my main objective with this move to to maintain the status quo with the children. It is a big change, and I want them to adapt very well. If I am stressed, they will be stressed, so I have to stay RELAXED.

                                          Here are the bambino's that are going to be keeping it cool during the move

So, I guess I will get back to the things that I will miss about Hawaii, I think I am on number 3...

It has to be the weather, I am going to have to get use to watching the weather channel again. Hawaii only has one temperature year round- perfect
It has been great having small children here. I never have to put too much thought into their wardrobe, shorts/skirt, sandals and a tee. Pretty easy if you as me. I remember being a little girl getting bundled up in a snow suit, snow boots, mittens, hat, scarf, etc...and then proceeding to walk around like a giant marshmallow puff.  My poor mama, that is a lot of "things" to keep track of with 4 children herself!!
keep it real

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Stopping, taking a break from blogging

With four small children, a husband, and a boutique, I don't have time to blog much...besides not many people read it anyway, so not very fruitful...ha ha. If you happen to stumble upon this site though you can check out my store on Etsy or my group on facebook, to see the latest happenings!! Have a great day!

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