Saturday, October 9, 2010

Starting to list more winter things, and dashing off to the ball tonight!

Here is a link to the new dress/tunic I listed today. I am in Hawaii so it is hard for me to think of clothing for anything, but perfect weather, but if I want to sell to a global market, and I am going to have too. I Am also choosing more colors for the season, reds, oranges, blacks, and more damask prints...I really like this dress and really like it with black leggings and flats. I think I am going to wear it to church tomorrow.

Here is the link

On another note this is one of the nights, that I love being married to someone in the military. Nothing like dressing up like a princess and dashing off to the ball with a man in a uniform. Not to mention that it is at the Hilton Hawaiian village, one of the best hotels in the islands. Stay tuned for pictures of this great occasion. I died my hair this morning, well my husband did it for me. It was supposed to be a dark red auburn, but it looks more of a dark brown, I like it though, what do you think?

Okay, this is a totally ridiculous picture. I realized these are the only pictures I had of my new hair, so you can't really see it anyways....but that is the dress that  I just listed!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Finished first custom order #1, and the #2 thing I will miss about Hawaii

First Custom order complete, and I am excited to deliver it
Table runner, four place mats, and 4 napkins

Also, #2 thing I am going to miss about Hawaii, First,  I will of course miss our church and bible study, and all of my dear lifetime friends, but they are too numerous to name. Hawaii has been a great place to meet great people. I will miss you all.

The second thing, that I am listing came to me last night as I was driving home at dark with the windows down

#2  Hawaiian nights
Having grown up in a place with extremes of all four seasons, and every other type of weather in between, the Hawaiian nights are amazing. 365 days a year you can count on Hawaii to have perfect evening weather. Not to hot, not too cold, just a gentle soft breeze, usually smelling like honey (from all the flowering trees). Many places also have the nights lighted up with tiki torches and if your on the boundary of any part of the island, you will also here the gentle rhythm of the ocean. I wish I could pick Hawaii up, and move it closer to home. An amazing plave to have the oppourtunity to live for three years.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

A day in the Life of Homeschooling

Walking the straight and narrow path that leads to Heaven

                                           Sharing with others along the way
Naomi practicing her piano

                                            Getting ready to start reading with mama
 Examining his toys
 Audrey on piano
 Sticker Chart for learning Proverbs 31, when they all memorize it we go on a trip of their choosing. They have already learned Psalm 1 and 23
Audrey reading her first story

 Benjamin learning with mama on the computer

An Ode to Hawaii...I will miss you so

Hawaii---the land of Aloha--the land flowing with milk and honey---or waterfalls and mango juice. You have showed me  a beauty I have never before witnessed with my eyes. I am so glad I got to experience your majesty. From your rolling green mountains, to your white sand beaches, from your aqua water, to your lush rainforest's, I am convinced you are the most beautiful place in all of creation. Good for you Hawaiians for protecting your lands so fiercely, I pray it continue to be fruitful. May God bless The Land of Aloha. Alas, though, we must depart. I am afraid my home is calling me, and it's cries are only getting louder. I am trading Pulmeria for Magnolia, coconut fields for strawberry. You will always hold a tender dear spot in my heart. Aloha oe fair Hawaii, until we meet again...

I wanted to add a list of the 10 Things I am really going to miss about this most beautiful of states for the next 10 days

1. Plumeria trees, sweet plumeria. As we were coming off the airplane after spending a long cold winter in Connecticut ,your smell greeted me with  delight. There are seven of you trees in my yard, and I thank you for being a beautiful vision around our home. I thank you for dropping your endless flowers for my girls to gather, and I thank you for providing a beautiful picture above my swinging hammock. Your scent will always bring back the fondess memories, wherever the road make take me.