Thursday, October 7, 2010

An Ode to Hawaii...I will miss you so

Hawaii---the land of Aloha--the land flowing with milk and honey---or waterfalls and mango juice. You have showed me  a beauty I have never before witnessed with my eyes. I am so glad I got to experience your majesty. From your rolling green mountains, to your white sand beaches, from your aqua water, to your lush rainforest's, I am convinced you are the most beautiful place in all of creation. Good for you Hawaiians for protecting your lands so fiercely, I pray it continue to be fruitful. May God bless The Land of Aloha. Alas, though, we must depart. I am afraid my home is calling me, and it's cries are only getting louder. I am trading Pulmeria for Magnolia, coconut fields for strawberry. You will always hold a tender dear spot in my heart. Aloha oe fair Hawaii, until we meet again...

I wanted to add a list of the 10 Things I am really going to miss about this most beautiful of states for the next 10 days

1. Plumeria trees, sweet plumeria. As we were coming off the airplane after spending a long cold winter in Connecticut ,your smell greeted me with  delight. There are seven of you trees in my yard, and I thank you for being a beautiful vision around our home. I thank you for dropping your endless flowers for my girls to gather, and I thank you for providing a beautiful picture above my swinging hammock. Your scent will always bring back the fondess memories, wherever the road make take me.

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