Saturday, November 20, 2010

mia familia....

I wanted to share these vintage photographs of my family. They are very sacred to me, and are copyrighted, so please do not use them in other mediums..( I don't like not sharing things, but like I said, they are sacred to me)
I am so grateful to have a grandmother who rescued many of these, and a grandfather who is computer savvy, and could scan them onto a disk and mail them to me.

I hope you truly love these, I love vintage photographs, but when they are my own ancestors...ahh, there is no words...
here you go.....

my grandma, isn't she beautiful?
my grandma and uncle

my great (maternal grandma)

my great grandma- I love her style~

my great grandma in the middle, and great great aunt on the right

My maternal grandma ( the infant) and her mother, grandmother, and great grandmother and great grandfather (this would have been around the 1900)

I am not sure exactly the relation with this relative, but I think it is lovely!

great grandma at the beach (1920's style)

this is my grandma (little girl in the center), brother, sisters, mom and dad.

my grandma on the left and her sister on the right

My great grandfather's basketball team (paternal side). He is in the top left corner.

Paternal great grandfather, grandmother and grandpa (infant)

My Grandma on my grandpa's car ( I think this is before they were married)

My mom as a little girl

my awesome Grandpa (who scanned these pictures and sent them to me)

New Tresury currated...I had fun with this one~ I love the 1920's!

Friday, November 19, 2010

happiness is........

One of these things in your OWN house...As soon as the maintenance man wheeled in those blessed machines in my door I knew we were going to be BFF's...

Maintance brought them in so we can use for the final two weeks of our stay (and they were brand new)

yes, my friends, that is dirty clothes in a machine that will get them clean....the simple things

there is something better than a washer and dryer though---flowers that  someone left at our doorstep this morning (sitting on top of the new  washer and dryer)

feeling all branded and stuff...

now that I have these little things...
new sew in labels that arrived today
I ordered them on Etsy
(I can't say her name because a certain key is not working....ha ha, her name is on the card)
They are beautiful!!

so, now when you buy from Sweet Home Boutique, everything is going to look like this....branded!!

Happy Friday!!

Sweet Violets, sweeter than the roses.

Since I am not able to presently create my art, I am finding other ways that I can be creative. I thought this time would be the ideal time to create my first treasury on Etsy. I was thinking of different themes to go with , and I decided on Sweet Violets. There is something so soothing about that color, I am thinking of painting my house purple and cappuchino when we move to SC. My mama always use to sing this song to us when we were little called Sweet Violets, and I always thought it was such a beautiful song. It goes something like this, sweet violets, sweeter than the roses, covered all over from head to toe, covered all over in sweet violets.....

That song was going through my head as I made this collection,

sweet violet, sweeter than the roses.....