Friday, December 21, 2012

Little Black Dress, Chevron, and More Chevron

Tomorrow we are going out of town for Christmas, so I wanted to get all of these outfits listed before we leave. We are taking our travel trailor and five children and headed to Alabama and Florida for 8 days. Great times ahead. I will not be bringing my sewing machine, and I already had these patterns cut and ready to sew. So, here they are.
First I listed this little black dress in corduroy. Very different than my typical colorful clothing, but I wanted to have some solid pieces in my shop also.
 This dress is a bit shorter than I normally make also, but because the dress is so dark I thought it needed to be a bit shorter to look pretty.

 My next new items is a chevron yellow, grey, tunic with solid yellow sleeves. I really like the yellow chevron, but did not like it by itself, I thought it needed some different fabrics to make it more interesting, and this is what I cam up with.

 And here it my final new listing until January. A classic red chevron dress with a denim belt. I love red, white, and blue together, and I find the red chevron print to be striking.
 Classic style dress, with a denim bow.
 Here is my final picture. I am really trying to add some more greens to the background of my clothing. I love the natural beauty of trees for the backdrop.
So, what do you think?

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Finally, A Women's Hat, And A New Tunic

I finally got around to listing a women's crochet hat! I have tried many styles, and I didn't like any of them. I thought they were either not very flattering or to too juvenile. I found this hat to be a perfect style for a classy woman. Here it is...

 I also listed this purple and teal damask print tunic with coordinating lilac pockets. I just like pockets of all kinds, so I try to add them to my clothing here and there. I think I need to start adding some to my children's clothing, though I really don't like it when children stand with their hands in the pockets.

So what do you think of my new hat, and tunic??

I would also like to add that I am very sorry for the families of the victims of the Sandy Hook school shooting. I have two daughters  6&7, and I could not help but think about what the parents are going through. It reminded me, again, that I am glad to home school.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Deer Valley Peasant Top

Yesterday I listed another long line peasant tunic. This time I used Joel Dewberry's fabric from his collection "Deer Valley"...I also used a white lace trim on the border with a robin egg blue satin ribbon. I know that top did not need that, but I like playing around with trims. I also like the way that trims add texture to a garment and  think it gives it that little handmade charm.
The weather outside is cool, but not cold, and the light in my pictures reflect that. The colors are actually more robin egg blue and a dark red that I think are striking in contrast.
 This is my attempt at getting a close up. I have been asked, "what's up with that barn wood background"..I have messed around with different backgrounds, and wood and trees are my favorite backdrops. White backgrounds I feel stunt my creativity in my shop. I want my photo's to breath.

Yes, I am putting my hair up in this photo, and thus did not put it in my listings, but I like the picture of the tunic in the back. It really shows off it's nice A-line shape. Some could call this tunic a dress, and that is fine with me. It is not up to what people do with my products they purchase. I personally would not wear it as a dress, as it's too short for me. I love tunics that go to the upper thigh because in my opinion it makes the backside look smaller and my legs skinnier. I have a thin athletic build. I was a cheerleader in school, so I have the classic cheerleader thighs.

I will add that in the spring, my background will become a nice golden color when our fence is power washed and stained a golden honey color. Question, what do you think of my fence background, and would you wear this tunic?

Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Chevrons!

I have been super busy as usual. My shop was doing so amazingly well that I had to actually put it in vacation mode so that I would not get to behind in my orders. My turnaround time on all of my items are 1-2 weeks, and I would like to keep it at that. I still have several orders to get out, but I managed to get 2 more items in my shop this morning. Here they are

Brown and white Chevron peasant top-
 A close up to see colors and details better.
 And the back.
 And a new princess dress for the little girls. This is my little daughter Naomi modeling. She is wearing a 5t-6t. This is the first time that I am offering girls sizes girls sizes 9-10, and 11-12 along with my regular sizing. I use more fabric for the larger sizes, so there is an additional cost on that.
   I talked about the design of this top with my daughters before making it, and they both agreed that they liked an attached belt. I was going to add a grey chevron belt, but I thought it was a bit too much with the chevron base and sleeves.My next girls dress will have one :-) After taking this photo I realized we that we should do these without the undershirt.
 And a close-up to see the details, and the way super fabulous tangerine nails :-)

And those are my new garments-What do you think?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Mustache Bash

                     This Saturday was my husbands 29th birthday. He is such a great guy, and does so much for me and our children yet he is always behind the scenes and not really getting acknowledged. SO, this year I decided to do little parties for my children and a BIG party for my husband. I decided the theme of the party should be the super popular mustache. I will say after throwing this party and all of the planning that went into it, I would be happy to never see another mustache in my life. It was fun though and made some fun memories. So, here are the pictures from the bash.

Here is my handsome husband getting ready to blow out his candles.
 Me getting stached with a chocolate mustache-like my party shirt?

The set up complete with mustache sugar cookies, chocolate candy mustaches, and big red cake face with a chocolate face.

My little Cutie getting stached.

 One of our games, Guess that stash.

 Our second game, pin the stashe on 1970's Burt Reynolds

Sampling the party treats

My husband putting up some fierce competition.

Friends with mustaches

 Photo booth with wrapping paper backdrop and friends with mustaches.

My wedding picture got stached for the party.

Our winner of the best mustache competition. As the winner he received a pack of Christmas oreos,
and got to wear tag with the title master mustache.

A fierce game of guess that stash, actually pretty challenging-
And that was the party, what do you think? Do you want to have a mustache bash now?

Friday, November 30, 2012

Chevron Tunic, skirt, and a sailor dress

Today I listed 3 new items in my shop which was amazing considering I have also been preparing for a big party we are having at our house tomorrow for my husbands birthday. My shop was also on fire today as I made 7 sales all throughout the day. At lunchtime I also got out all of my records, and did all of my bookkeeping for August. That was pretty amazing to actually see how much I spend verses revenue. I really feel like God is answering my prayer to become more business minded.

So, here are my new listings, starting with the Chevron. I was not planning on doing this with this fabric, but as I was prepping all my fabric I had it laying next to some red broadcloth, and thought it was too stunning not to put it together. This is also going to be party shirt for tomorrow night.

 Next.....The sailor dress. I am married to a sailor so these types of clothes are always getting put together by me. I just adore this fabric by Michael Miller. The red fabric has little sailboats, and the trim at the bottom has a white nautical rope. I debated on whether this fabric was too childish, but it is too neat not to make something for myself in it. Especially being a sailor wife.

 I need to add some more close up photos from my shop of the details on the fabric. It has a very vintage look to that I adore.
 The third item I added was a grey and white Chevron skirt. This is how I would actually wear this outfit except I would add black boots, and un tuck the shirt. Possibly button the sweater.
 You can tell from this picture that it has two layers. This keeps the skirt from getting too shapeless. It also has 1/2 inch elastic which is new for me to use. I usually use 1/4 inch on everything. I actually very much like the look of 2 inch elastic,  and may add some skirts with that soon.

So, what are your thoughts on my new clothing?