Friday, December 21, 2012

Little Black Dress, Chevron, and More Chevron

Tomorrow we are going out of town for Christmas, so I wanted to get all of these outfits listed before we leave. We are taking our travel trailor and five children and headed to Alabama and Florida for 8 days. Great times ahead. I will not be bringing my sewing machine, and I already had these patterns cut and ready to sew. So, here they are.
First I listed this little black dress in corduroy. Very different than my typical colorful clothing, but I wanted to have some solid pieces in my shop also.
 This dress is a bit shorter than I normally make also, but because the dress is so dark I thought it needed to be a bit shorter to look pretty.

 My next new items is a chevron yellow, grey, tunic with solid yellow sleeves. I really like the yellow chevron, but did not like it by itself, I thought it needed some different fabrics to make it more interesting, and this is what I cam up with.

 And here it my final new listing until January. A classic red chevron dress with a denim belt. I love red, white, and blue together, and I find the red chevron print to be striking.
 Classic style dress, with a denim bow.
 Here is my final picture. I am really trying to add some more greens to the background of my clothing. I love the natural beauty of trees for the backdrop.
So, what do you think?

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