Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Look who is coming over for dinner....

Okay, so they are not really going to eat, but after getting our household goods three weeks ago, I have finally worked to the point of being able to park my car in my garage again...woo hoo!!!

Bam...well hello there my friend...I was careful not to run into any bins full of china, or space bags...

I would also like to take the time to put a plug in for this little guy (mama's best friend)

The little green shampooer from bissel, I wish I would have got one of these forever ago. The bissel seen in the picture above was used to shampoo an unfortunate puking incident had by one of the children. I have also used it to get paint out of carpet. As I was retouching some of the house today I spilled some red paint on my whitish carpet. This little green mama lovin' friend was there, at my side, faithfully pulling the red out of my carpet!!

On another note I also got a new serger!

The blade on my other serger started not cutting, and I needed to serge, so I got this little fella'...It was on sale and 2x the quality of my other serger. I am already way loving it.

On another note, the builder is supposed to start the attic conversion TOMORROW!!!! I am over the moon excited to be adding an additional 700 sq ft to the house. I want to get up there and take some pictures so I can keep the progress updated on my blog....I am also anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring.
That is one thing that I missed while in Hawaii, the birth of spring. Yes, Hawaii is the eternal spring, but there is something so wonderful about the first sprouts of green coming from the earth to give refreshment, and hope for things to come....Spring is my favorite time of year.

I also wanted to share this shot with you

different color dirt, but same story. He told me it was worth it, and I would have to agree. I call this much dirt on the hands of my two year old son livin'...big time......

Happy Wednesday!!!