Monday, January 7, 2013

Women's and Children's Clothing

So, my first 3 dresses were already made by me, but had horrible pictures. I had my husband follow me outside today to photograph me and this is how it turned out.

Red Chevron Dress...
 Denim Wrap Dress, Sweet Heart Neckline, and V Back, I love this dress!
 Turquoise linen dress

 I have also been building up my girls section to my shop. I am almost at 20 items, and once I hit 20 I will start to build up my boys line. I do have 3 boys, so it is worth my time to invest in awesome designs for them and my shop.
 Here is an awesome spring dress with trees...I LOVE the corset back!
 Basic Chevron skirts with shirred waist. They come in a variety of colors...

Bird (sparrow) Pillowcase Dress
 Pink Peasant Damask dress with big pink bow
 Yellow Chevron Dress with puff neck, so couture!

I also listed the ruffle pants in my shop that they girls are wearing. I think they are so cute, and I am going to add a lot more colors!
Well, that is all, I wanted to update everyone on all of my new (and redone) listings in  my shop. 
Back to sewing!