Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Poppy Ruffle Dress Giveaway, and a Tiny Red Dress

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I am hosting a giveaway for 2 custom poppy dresses (1 each for 2 winners) pictured  above once I reach 500 fans. At last count I was a 213!

                                           This week I also listed this tiny red sweater dress
                                                       for children 12m, 2t, 3t, 4t, and 5t         

complete with cowl neck, belt, and long sleeves

                                                          You can find this dress here

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Monday, September 5, 2011

More happy knit!

Today I listed this sweater knit dress in sage...

I really like this dress, and think it wouldd be great to wear to church, work or everyday. I like this design, but will alter it the next time by taking out the drape, and shortening it to tunic length. Also in new colors such as cloud blue, grass green, and burgundy.
On another note, I absolutely love this spot in my yard where my dear husband takes pictures for me. Our house backs up to the woods, and this is the fence on the back side of our yard. Today the first hints of fall came through in the gentle breeze blowing on us, as we took these. As he takes these I can also admire the wildflowers, and morning glory vines growing up the trees in the forest. That is true inspiration.
On a personal note I am now 3 months pregnant with sweet baby #5!

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Works in progress....

Sitting here watching TLC and finishing up an order. My whole family is sleeping, and my husband has to get up soon to go in for the night shift. This is usually my time where I get a lot of work done. When I was pregnant with my first a mother I respected told me to make your children's bedtime 7:30pm from the beginning. I think this is one of the best advice I ever took. I always use this time after they go to bed to do things I that love, which is now working on my orders for my shop. 
Here is what I am working on

My retro red check ruffle dress, headed out to the beautiful Australia!
You can see this dress in my shop here

We live in a rural town here in the South, so the nearest fabric shop is about a 45 minute drive.  Because of that I order most of my fabric on-line. It does not always turn out to be the fabric that I hoped it was. This flannel fabric I ordered awhile ago. It again, is not totally what I had hoped for, but I now know that I am going to use it for lining for corduroy pea coats, of red, and navy.

You can check out other listings in my shop here


Saturday, September 3, 2011

Amy Butler Belle Tunic.

Today I listed this new tunic,

 I am not totally happy with the quality of these pictures. With my husbands rotating shift work, we have to snap pictures whenever we get the chance. The ideal time for the best exposure is about 5:00pm in the evening or anytime on an overcast day. This picture was taken about 12:30pm, and you can tell. We are in the South, and you can almost see the humidity in the pictures.
You can find this top here.
I hope you like it!

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Silk Knit Suprise!!

Today I received my big box of silky knit....The first thing I noticed is that is was very heavy. I could not wait to open this box, and find all the yummy knits I ordered. I didn't realize though the silky knit was actually...pretty silky....

I tried to fold this fabric nice and pretty for these pictures, but folding six yard cuts of silky knit was quite challenging.

Being somewhat of a knit novice, I was thinking silky meant something like soft t-shirt material, but I was wrong....silky wrong...

So, now I have 18 yards of this. I have already ruled out anything for children with this fabric, but I have some ideas swirling for women's tops (mixing the colors in one blouse). I don't see myself making any dresses with this, but these tops with dark denim would look especially nice this winter.

On a cotton note I listed this little outfit today....

lovin' my sweet model

poppy flower headband, and matching peasant dress...
All handmade by me. You can find this little outfit in my shop here
You can also checkout more of Sweet Home Boutique on Etsy here

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Ruffle Skirts and a SALE


I would like to announce a SALE at my shop sweethomeboutique  10% off everything using the coupon code LOVELY

                                                     I have also listed this new skirt today...

Two complete layers, yellow peacock and eyelet.

                                          full twirl with ruffle, everything a little girl would want in a skirt

The story behind this skirt is that I made it for my little girls this summer when my shop was in vacation mode. After washing and drying and wearing many times, I decided that this dress was too pretty not to list in my shop.  I love dressing my little girls in this with a yellow or red shirt, and they love to twirl in it.

I also got a facebook page makeover, that you can check out and like here.. I am in the process of changing it to a business page, so that I can load my super awesome introduction landing page.

So many ideas, and so little time for this mama. I wish I could sew up everything that I dream, but being a wife, and mother to 4 children 5 and under, pregnant with #5 and homeschooling that does not always happen. I stay pretty busy getting orders out to my amazing customers, but I hope to list some new things soon..
things such as

--rosette headbands to match my little girls clothing
--corduroy coats for little boys and girls (with flannel lining)
--round neck tops for women
--coats for womens
--long sleeve panal tunics for women.
--knit fabric clothing for women and children

I am also going to be making my first wholesale purchase to Westminter Fabrics in a couple of weeks for Amy Butler, and Free Spirit Fabric. So, super busy here! I appreciate, you, all of my readers and  customers and would like my blog to continue to grow as well.

So, what do you think of the new skirt?

Saturday, August 27, 2011

purple knit heaven

Didn't I mention I was in Love with Knit in my last post...Well here is another knit listing for my shop.
lovin my sweet little model..maybe I am biased :-)

This dress is so comfortable and modern for little girls...I made it using a pattern from the great designer HeidiandFinn... I can't wait to make more of these in different colors...
I ordered 3 new colors tonight
silver silky knit, red silky knit, and teal silky knit.
So what do you think of this dress??
You can find it in my shop in Sweet Home Boutique Here

The wonderful world of Knit!!

Feeling rather frustrated last night, and waiting too see the results of the Hurricane, I decided to slice up some knit fabric to see what came of it. I went by a pattern from DMK women's wear and threw this little thing together.

yes, yes, that is a poochy 10 week pregnant belly hiding behind that sweater

What do you think? Plain, simple and a start to something beautiful...I have always been intimidated by knits, but something made me courageous and I conquered my fears...Now my head is swirling with ideas....Dresses, tops with belts, wrapped hooded sweaters...and possibly a cowl neck dress for little girls.
Not to mention all of the great knit fabric out there...prints, colors, and patterns...oh my!!
The wonderful world of Knits!!
You can check out this knit top here
You can also check out more from my shop
Sweet Home Boutique on Etsy Here

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Blog design, and more!

Check it out, do you like the new design of the blog?? It is not completely finished yet, but I had an  awesome designer from Etsy come up with something for me. I also have new pages at the top, but still need to get all of those going.

I can't help but say something about Hurricane Irene, we are right outside of Charleston, South Carolina. It is amazing that it looks like it is coming right towards us, but instead will be heading more up North and slamming into North Carolina. Today we have seen some rains and wind, but we are only getting the winds around the storm. Praying for everyone in North Carolina, and my countless friends and family in the direct path of the Hurricane.

Sweet Home Boutique has been busy as well! I was a featured sponsor on Aisle to Aloha (the blog) yesterday. I have been busy filling up orders for my various customers around the world...
I have also registered for a wholesale account with Westminster Fabrics, and plan on making a large order in September.
I have many ideas for my shop. The black 3 inch elastic has arrived and I plan on making a cinch belt with it ASAP, to wear with things like this
new retro polka dot dress in my shop you can find here

I tried it with a red, belt, but the black belt will really make it pop!!

I also listed a new girls dress here
I am also going to start making more long sleeve peasant tops with elastic at the upper arms...
I try not to follow any particular trend with my clothing, but come up with my own ideas...
who knows, I could be the trend setter....
Want to see more of my shop come check out

Stay Safe everyone!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Christmas Dresses, handmade dresses, red retro dresses....

This has been a busy week for Sweet Home Boutique on Etsy. I registered my business in South Carolina, filled several orders, started to set up a wholesale account with Westminster fabrics,  and was featured on a blog! One of my customers was so happy with her purchase, she wrote a whole blog post about my shop.
You can check it out here

I also have been working on some new handmade dresses. I am 8 weeks pregnant with my 5th child, so I am trying to get these dresses made and listed before I start showing. At that point I will be and  building my shop with maternity clothes. I have one more red retro dress that I want to list soon. I have the pieces cut, but I am trying to finish up several more orders before I sew it together.
Another exciting thing is that I made my first sale to England, and has reached 99 sales in my shop...Now in only one more sale, I will have officially have graduated into the triple digits club! 

Here is my newest listing, I know it is a bit early for Christmas dresses, but like I said, I want to list some new regular women's clothes before I start showing and move into maternity clothes.

red corduroy, bell sleeves, black linen belt

In my mind Christmas dresses are the things that you wear to grade school recitals, so that was my inspiration for this dress.

no Christmas dress would be complete without a little bow!

I also felt a bit like Mrs. Clause when I put this on (maybe it was the black boots), so that is fun!

close up!
You can check out this dress, and more handmade clothing for sale in my shop on Etsy here