Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh Vinegar....

How I love you...

Have you ever walked down the cleaning section of any supermarket, and felt dizzy, nauseous and itchy? I have and do when I use commercial cleaning supplies.. That was before I discovered the amazing benefits of good ol vinegar. Yes, this super power of the cleaning world is still a mystery to many young ins out there. Glass-totally streak free, grout-white, counter tops-disinfected, and more. I purchase the spray bottles, from any local store, and mix one part vinegar and one part water, and this is all that I need to get the majority of my house clean....It is also nice that it is safe for the children when they are helping with the chores, and you can not beat the price and simplicity of having this one product on hand for all of your cleaning needs.

Disclaimer* the producers of vinegar did not pay me to promote their product

On another note, I did complete three projects yesterday that I listed on Etsy. I need to tweak them a bit more, but here are some photo's

padded laptop sleeve and childs apron

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Organizing mass Chaos and more...

Do you ever have it? A room or a house that is completely out of order? If you have any number of children I am sure you have had that at one point or another. I know my house can turn into chaos very quickly. I wanted to give a tip that I do to helps the children and I get Everything in order very quickly. I learned this from a book when I was a little girl, and it has always stayed with me. Take a child's room for example. Toys, clothes, crayons, etc, all over everywhere. What I have my kids do is first make their beds. Next, put EVERYTHING on their bed that is out of place. Now the room is completely clean except the bed. We then quickly organize things in piles, trash, books, clean clothes, dirty clothes, etc, and then simply put the piles away. I do that in my room too, you could do it on the dining room table etc. Another thing I do for the common living areas is to take a basket, put everything in it that is out of place, and organize the basket the same way. Just thought I would share that tip, hopefully someone can use it.

On another note, I got a lot of projects done today, but none for sale. I made myself a purse, made my girls each an apron, and started my husbands quilt. I also ran two miles, practiced piano with my girls, taught bible verses, worked on cursive and manuscript with my oldest two. I would say that is a productive day, right?. I am going to be making some child aprons to sale next, as well as lap top sleeves, I also really want to make some shirts for myself (and eventually sale) Until next time these are the aprons that I made my little girls today.

Happy Thursday!

Here is also the pretty ironing board cover that I got from Etsy!

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

bird purse

I completed another purse (which I am going to make two of) to sell on Etsy. I am in the talks with a graphic designer to get a logo designed. On a side not I saw a giant cockroach by our front door (a common occurrence in Aloha) and went to pick it up and throw it away with a tissue. When I picked it up I startled it and I was surprised to see it still on it's back with it's little heart beating away. It's tiny (well not that tiny) fate was now in my control, and I got a lump in my throat. I suddenly was transported back to all the Disney movies that I saw as a child with some small characters life hanging on the limb. I decided to show this poor little creature mercy. As I opened the door to let it outside a little gecko darted in at full speed. I feel taken advantage of.

On another note, I have some pretty little flowers in my front yard that are blooming for creation. At one point I thought they were dead, but lo and behold they had babies. Though the original plant had long since been dead and tossed in the green waste can, all of it's little babies are now shining in glory. It made me think of my own children and the legacy we leave with them, whether good for man kind or not. I prefer the former. When I pass on I pray that my children will continue to shine God's glory, and their children and so on.
Happy Wednesday

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

listed my first two bags on Etsy...

Here is the new bag that I made today.

I decided to go ahead and list a couple of items. I listed the two bags that I just made that I really like. I will just put vacation mode during the move. On another note, it will take me a bit to figure out the serger. There are four spools that need to be threaded, so if everything is not right it will not work. A side project I am going to start (if the fabric paper works in my printer) is make a memory quilt for Andrew (aka, the love of my life) to take with him on Deployment. Now that I am getting somewhat set up with my shop, I am going to be working on balance with everything, projects, homeschooling, cleaning, and fun outings with the children. Tommorow is bible study, so no sewing tommorow morning!
Happy Tuesday!

Monday, August 30, 2010

I got a sewing tonight...

Some happy fabric, that I really like. I had the bird fabric, but nothing to compliment, so I cut a stip and took it to the fabric store with me, so it could find a found one...
I stayed up way to late last night determined to complete that purse. Tonight I am going to read some more of my bible study for PWOC, and catch up on some sleep
Happy Monday

Sunday, August 29, 2010

A few outside shots

I think I need to get a better camera at some point (oh and work on my photograohy skills...good thing I have two georgeous models! The Embroidery I put on Audrey's dress. AE stands for Audrey Elizabeth!

putting a few things on Hold

After trying several things with my Viking to no avail. I decided that I could not sell anything without a trusty serger to professionaly finish the seams, and get settled into our new homestead. I am still going to be sewing new and old patterns for myself and family, and posting pics. In the meantime I plan to do thourough research on small business, get a designer logo made, clothing lables, and business cards. I am in talks with our builder of our home in SC to do an attic conversion that I am really excited about. I would like to put a large family room and seperate frog (aka sewing room). Really excited about that. I also would like to add onto our deck, and put up a privacy fence. Hmmm I wonder if all of my time spent with my father as a child at construction sites(he owned a consstruction company) will help me build a couple of I was actually even looking at wood saws today. Rachel + saws = scary! More likely my dad will come down and coordinate, and I will will be his trusty helper. I would like to build or have built a large wooden arbor on part of the deck and grow morning glories and moonflowers. That way there would be blooms both night and day.
I would acutally love to have a small chicken coupe for eggs, but that is just in theory, I don't want to be a bad neighbor with a little rooster crowing every morning at the crack of dawn...We will do a garden again...This time Audrey and Naomi will be old enough to weed and water....homeschool 101
Happy Sunday!

Okay, I could not resist

Sewing marathon with 4 skirts...

Well my sewing ambition goals were not met, and wow was I ambitious! I did however make 4 beautiful twirl skirts in size 4t. I will post pictures tommorow, when I get some nice late afternoon light. I decided to go ahead and start an etsy shop, but nothing will be listed on it until tommorow. Some of my future ambitions are to make baby slings, purses (have a great pattern already), aprons, possibly some clothing for women, children dress up costumes and more. I decided to make several twirl skirts because my daughters love them so much. Especially Naomi, she dug hers out of the dirty clothes hamper to wear today, and put it over her pajama's to sleep in. I would say that is love, right? Well off to get some rest for Church tommorow, and sams club shopping. Hopefully I can work on the sweet pea purse tommorow...
Happy Saturday!