Saturday, September 4, 2010

Oh Vinegar....

How I love you...

Have you ever walked down the cleaning section of any supermarket, and felt dizzy, nauseous and itchy? I have and do when I use commercial cleaning supplies.. That was before I discovered the amazing benefits of good ol vinegar. Yes, this super power of the cleaning world is still a mystery to many young ins out there. Glass-totally streak free, grout-white, counter tops-disinfected, and more. I purchase the spray bottles, from any local store, and mix one part vinegar and one part water, and this is all that I need to get the majority of my house clean....It is also nice that it is safe for the children when they are helping with the chores, and you can not beat the price and simplicity of having this one product on hand for all of your cleaning needs.

Disclaimer* the producers of vinegar did not pay me to promote their product

On another note, I did complete three projects yesterday that I listed on Etsy. I need to tweak them a bit more, but here are some photo's

padded laptop sleeve and childs apron

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