Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Serging, inspiration, and finding balance.

My Serger is up and running, and I have been happily serging away. I Worked on some things over the weekend, namely, a quick nightgown I put together for Audrey. This was the first time I put something together without using a formal pattern, and I was very happy with the results.

Inspiration seems to hit like a gentle zap of lightning, or at least that is how it hits me. As I was standing in the kitchen making the children peanut butter play dough for dinner, I got nipped by the cooking bug again. To be honest, I really do not like cooking or anything that it involves. I go from stints where I am cooking a lot (usually when Andrew is here) to setting up smorgasbord on trays in the living room with various cheese, fruit, veggies, bread, etc. for a grazing dinner. I think the inspiration partly came from the clean fresh kitchen that I was standing in (thanks to Andrew who I saw cleaning the stove with fresh lemon juice earlier in the day). So let's see where this takes me, and hopefully the children will appreciate it.

On another note--I have been searching for balance, deeply searching. My family has and always will continue to be first priority to me. I would fully surrender any business plans if that is what I was feeling led to, but I don't. So, balance is the key. I think finding balance in every area, will ultimately make my life the most fulfilling.

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