Monday, March 28, 2011

clothing, details, and pretty backyards

Though I am no longer selling, I have still been working away on sewing...

Other than making our family matching daddy homecoming outfits (I know, sooo froilan Maria)
I have been making some pretty spring clothing for my family..

My girls absolutley love to wear tiered twirl skirts, and I adore them, so I am making them several...
Here is the latest one about half way done.

All I have to do is attach the ruffle, sew up the side, and make the elastic casing and Voilia

I am also in the process of making myself a dress with my favorite pattern by Collete. A wide belted wrap dress

I have also ordered these earings for my sailors homecoming from ETSY. I love supporting Etsians. I have also ordered a way hip anchor necklace from England, so I hope it makes it in time!

on the the pretty backyards, I love our backyard! This view right here was the deal breaker when we bought this house in 2006. Nothing like a lot of sunlight and a lush forrest to look upon..

more lush forrest
In about 2 days we are supposed to be getting our super huge backyard playground. They are also installing...It would be laughable if I thought I could put that thing together myself. With the wonderful rain we have been having, though the installation could be postponed...Nonetheless we are looking forward to it, and looking forward to our happy reunion with our sailor...I know that once he is here my burden is going to be lifted, and my children are going to be over the moon...

                                                         Happy Monday!