Saturday, August 28, 2010

on the menu

My plan for today is to make Audrey and Naomi both tier skirts, a womans sweet pea purse, rompers for Jude, and a stripwork Jumper. I am also excited about recieving snap tape to start inserting into rompers.(as opposed to individual snaps), and recieving my beautiful ironing board cover that I purchased from a seller on etsy. Today will also be full of teaching, training, and nurturing my 4 children, cleaning my home, and preparing meals. While I do love coffee (spiked with milk and sugar to cover up the actual coffee Water with fresh lemon is my constant source of energy. As long as my body is well hydrated I feel healthy, alive and energetic!

Happy Saturday!

First Dress

My little assistant holding up the dress :-)

Friday, August 27, 2010

Sewing, sewing, sewing...

I have been sewing quite a bit today with minor success...First project was a making a new cover for my ironing board. That was a total fail. I decided to just order a beautiful one from etsy. I have been and will be spending a lot of time at the ironing board, so it has to be pretty. The next project was rompers for my 8 month old. Those turned out great, and I also embroidered his name. The next project was nightgowns for the girls...I bought this super stretchy type fabric from walmart, but it turned out to be to stretchy, and was a mess...oh well. The children are all in bed, so I am going to start building my inventory for the next couple of hours. I am going to start with pillowcase dresses, as those are the easiest fit for children of all sizes (plus they are really cute). Will post pics when they are complete.

Some new fabric arrived today that I am really excited about!

Starting a boutique

Hey everyone, My name is Rachel and I am a submarine officers wife. I have four small children 4 and under and I love to sew for them, and would love to sew for you too. I will be posting some pictures of some creations, and if you are interested in any of the styles, we can talk about sizing and pricing. I am currently in Hawaii, but will soon be in Charleston SC, which will make shipping and handling an easier and quicker option...