Saturday, August 27, 2011

purple knit heaven

Didn't I mention I was in Love with Knit in my last post...Well here is another knit listing for my shop.
lovin my sweet little model..maybe I am biased :-)

This dress is so comfortable and modern for little girls...I made it using a pattern from the great designer HeidiandFinn... I can't wait to make more of these in different colors...
I ordered 3 new colors tonight
silver silky knit, red silky knit, and teal silky knit.
So what do you think of this dress??
You can find it in my shop in Sweet Home Boutique Here

The wonderful world of Knit!!

Feeling rather frustrated last night, and waiting too see the results of the Hurricane, I decided to slice up some knit fabric to see what came of it. I went by a pattern from DMK women's wear and threw this little thing together.

yes, yes, that is a poochy 10 week pregnant belly hiding behind that sweater

What do you think? Plain, simple and a start to something beautiful...I have always been intimidated by knits, but something made me courageous and I conquered my fears...Now my head is swirling with ideas....Dresses, tops with belts, wrapped hooded sweaters...and possibly a cowl neck dress for little girls.
Not to mention all of the great knit fabric out there...prints, colors, and patterns...oh my!!
The wonderful world of Knits!!
You can check out this knit top here
You can also check out more from my shop
Sweet Home Boutique on Etsy Here

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Blog design, and more!

Check it out, do you like the new design of the blog?? It is not completely finished yet, but I had an  awesome designer from Etsy come up with something for me. I also have new pages at the top, but still need to get all of those going.

I can't help but say something about Hurricane Irene, we are right outside of Charleston, South Carolina. It is amazing that it looks like it is coming right towards us, but instead will be heading more up North and slamming into North Carolina. Today we have seen some rains and wind, but we are only getting the winds around the storm. Praying for everyone in North Carolina, and my countless friends and family in the direct path of the Hurricane.

Sweet Home Boutique has been busy as well! I was a featured sponsor on Aisle to Aloha (the blog) yesterday. I have been busy filling up orders for my various customers around the world...
I have also registered for a wholesale account with Westminster Fabrics, and plan on making a large order in September.
I have many ideas for my shop. The black 3 inch elastic has arrived and I plan on making a cinch belt with it ASAP, to wear with things like this
new retro polka dot dress in my shop you can find here

I tried it with a red, belt, but the black belt will really make it pop!!

I also listed a new girls dress here
I am also going to start making more long sleeve peasant tops with elastic at the upper arms...
I try not to follow any particular trend with my clothing, but come up with my own ideas...
who knows, I could be the trend setter....
Want to see more of my shop come check out

Stay Safe everyone!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011