Friday, October 11, 2013

Sweet Home Decorations!

As I was looking over my house and realizing that it needed an update with curtains and decor I had an idea. Why not make some things for my house and also list it in my shop for a home decor line. I spoke with some other people on Etsy about it and they thought my shop name "Sweet Home Boutique" lent itself well to the idea of incorporating home decor. So, about 2 weeks ago I started to slowly adding home decor items to my shop. I started with valances and soon added a piano bench cover and curtains.   I really like how things are starting to come together in our newish house, and I have so far had a great response with my items on Etsy. I already made my first sale in this new shop section, and will be soon adding more options to spruce up your home with. This will include new fabrics as well as scalloped banners in the print of the valances, table runners and more. What do you think of what I have got started with up to this point?

Sunday, October 6, 2013


I go through seasons where I am not that into skirts, and seasons where I can not get enough of them. I am currently in a season where I can't get enough of them! It might have something to do with our area.  I have noticed that a lot of women in my circles wear skirts and it is quite modest looking. The most comfortable skirts ever I think are shirred waist skirts pictured below. I have made several the past week, and have plans to make many more. I also really like yoga skirts with a band, so I will be working on them as well as maxi skirts. Here are some new skirts I have made lately, what do you think? They are all available in Sweet Home Boutique!