Friday, January 21, 2011

A couple a new thangs

I wanted to post some pictures of some new "thangs" for Sweet Home Boutique

Some pretty Amy Butler Fabric from her new collection "soul blossoms"...I am going to make a long sleeve, as in down to my wrists long sleeve dress out of this pretty fabric

bam...well hello maternity pillow, you arrived right in time to finish up my first maternity order

bam, a little bit of pair covered fabric

One of these sewing magazines...I think I might subscribe to this one...

yep, it's sideways...I forgot to edit these bad boys before I uploaded them to my blog, nonetheless, this should be a great read

and some of this little trim some things up..

Thank you for stopping by!
Happy Friday!

stairway progress

After three of my four children were throwing up last night we spent all morning this morning at the doctor. They are all resting and recovering what seems to be a 24 hour stomach virus. I am not really one to get sick. I might eat my words later, but for the most part I do not catch things that go around. I think it is because I work out, drink a lot of water, and eat low calories...So....that's good because if mama get sick, well, that simply can't happen...

The good news is while we were away, the builder was here working away. He had to step out for a moment to get some supplies, so when I got home I snapped these pictures. I was excited to see that he had placed the board for where he was going to put the stairs, and cut some of the ceiling for that. He has also been doing a lot with my sewing space, and I have asked him to add some closets on either side of the large family room area.

Day 4 of attic conversion and here is where we are at....

wooden beam going up where the stairs are going to be

opening cut where the stairs are going up

one angle of the wall where my office is going to be!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Conversioning the attic, and new things...

So....things on the shop front are going well...This has been a great month for sales, the Lord has really blessed Sweet Home Boutique. I am in the process of finishing up a large order to a friend in WA, making a dress for my friend to where to some of her speaking engagements, and making my first maternity dresses for a friend from high, fun, fun!!!

Yesterday I constructed this dress for my sister who loves purple...I shipped it out to her today guessed n ship ( I love that thing)



I also got new sizing label's in the mail to put on all of my clothing under my clothing on the list is care tags that I will put on the side...Handmade clothing is supposed to be hand washed, but I throw all of my things in the washer and dryer....What good are clothes if their not easy to care for and durable :-)

Also on the home front we have been busy, busy, busy....Our new cleaning lady came over today, and I love her love her love....She did good work cleaning, but I love that she puts character over all. One thing that I love about living in a rural town in the south, is that people seem to place a high value on good christian values, and community...more than any other place I have ever lived, I love it here.

The builder finished up day 2 of the attic conversion and I poked up there when he went on lunch break to take some pictures. Our builder is way awesome. He is the same person that built our house in 2005, and put our fence up in the backyard. He does great work!!

This is how the builder is getting up there right now, via, pull down ladder. There is going to be an archway added in the front of the house as you walk in that is going to be a stairway leading upstairs.

This is going to be the future home of Sweet Home Boutique. The window is going to be taken out and a larger one added,  and the boards you see coming toward you on the sides are going to be cut out, and more space is going to be put on the entrance going back there.

This is going to be the end of the greatroom/home school/playroom/chill room..He is going to be putting windows on the side of this wall,  and sky lights throughout the roof...I LOVE natural light!

This is going to be the large hall open room...There is going to be windows on both sides..and that big huge heating and AC system is going to be moved, in fact we are adding a whole new unit to accommodate the extra space.

I will update my blog as the conversion moves along. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to here the sound of a saw and things falling above us....That with the combination of the cleaning lady vacuuming was pure and total bliss!!! Ahh!!!

Until we meet again....

Happy Wednesday!!!!!


Sunday, January 16, 2011

$39.95 for a little slice of heaven, and that's all...

Moving from Hawaii to South Carolina in the winter, I was sure was not going to be that much of an change. I was not counting on, however, the temperature to drop into the 20's and for snow to fall when we arrived. The Carolina coast, as I remember, had very mild winters, but we were pleasantly surprised with a white Christmas this year. One thing that I knew would not settle with my system moving here though was a lack of flowers. I get most of my inspiration and lovely thoughts from flowers, so I started searching around right away to find something that blooms here in the winter, and this is what I found...
purple viola's which are part of the pansy family

and yellow violas, apparently they will die after the temperatures reach above 94, but we will bask in their beauty until then...

Something interesting I found off of wikipedia about Viola (pansy's)

The name 'pansy' is derived from the French word pensée meaning "thought", and was so named because the flower resembles a human face; in August it nods forward as if deep in thought.

I think whatever the meaning, I grateful that their pretty little faces are gracing our yard this "winter"...For 5 big bushels of these flowers I paid $39.95 and that is all. Such a small price to pay for something that brings me so much happiness!!

Happy Sunday!