Friday, January 21, 2011

stairway progress

After three of my four children were throwing up last night we spent all morning this morning at the doctor. They are all resting and recovering what seems to be a 24 hour stomach virus. I am not really one to get sick. I might eat my words later, but for the most part I do not catch things that go around. I think it is because I work out, drink a lot of water, and eat low calories...So....that's good because if mama get sick, well, that simply can't happen...

The good news is while we were away, the builder was here working away. He had to step out for a moment to get some supplies, so when I got home I snapped these pictures. I was excited to see that he had placed the board for where he was going to put the stairs, and cut some of the ceiling for that. He has also been doing a lot with my sewing space, and I have asked him to add some closets on either side of the large family room area.

Day 4 of attic conversion and here is where we are at....

wooden beam going up where the stairs are going to be

opening cut where the stairs are going up

one angle of the wall where my office is going to be!

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