Sunday, January 16, 2011

$39.95 for a little slice of heaven, and that's all...

Moving from Hawaii to South Carolina in the winter, I was sure was not going to be that much of an change. I was not counting on, however, the temperature to drop into the 20's and for snow to fall when we arrived. The Carolina coast, as I remember, had very mild winters, but we were pleasantly surprised with a white Christmas this year. One thing that I knew would not settle with my system moving here though was a lack of flowers. I get most of my inspiration and lovely thoughts from flowers, so I started searching around right away to find something that blooms here in the winter, and this is what I found...
purple viola's which are part of the pansy family

and yellow violas, apparently they will die after the temperatures reach above 94, but we will bask in their beauty until then...

Something interesting I found off of wikipedia about Viola (pansy's)

The name 'pansy' is derived from the French word pensée meaning "thought", and was so named because the flower resembles a human face; in August it nods forward as if deep in thought.

I think whatever the meaning, I grateful that their pretty little faces are gracing our yard this "winter"...For 5 big bushels of these flowers I paid $39.95 and that is all. Such a small price to pay for something that brings me so much happiness!!

Happy Sunday!

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