Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Logo's and Poppys

So, I finally have my logo, and it is beautiful and exactly what I wanted. They also designed a business card as well, and did a great job. I am excited to be able to order them soon!

As for Poppy's, apparently I love them, and I didn't even know. It all started when a dear friend told me she like the background of this blog. She thought they were pretty poppy's. I saw a pattern when I was searching over 100's of swatches of fabric, and was drawn over and over again to Micheal Millers "poppy Collection". I could not get those pretty fabrics out of my head, so I went ahead and ordered them. One night I was sitting on my bed, looking at the pretty blue and white picture behind my sewing machine, and realized that too was a poppy. I then noticed they were all over my comforter, on my pillows in the living room, on several pieces of clothing I own, and even on my kitchen towels. Being so drawn to poppy's, I looked up their meaning in the language of flowers and here is what I found.

My room is where I found my white poppy's
  • Poppy (white) - Consolation; sleep


    My kitchen and living room are where I found my red poppy's
    Poppy (red) -Pleasure; consolation

     When I plan my bedroom I want rest to be the central theme, so I can see why I was drawn to white poppy's. As for the red, it is also the general living and entertaining area. I want all of our guests to have a pleasurable time, and for my family to enjoy themselves as well in our home, so that makes sense also.

    So, if you come to my home, be prepared to be overwhelmed by poppy flowers. Other than that I have no reasonable conclusion as why I went into all of this.

    Happy Tuesday!

    Sunday, September 19, 2010

    new things, and frustration

    As anyone who has ever sewn knows, it is so messy. Your room can be completely spotless and organized and then you whip out some thread, fabric and a machine, and it looks like a cotton tornado passed through in a matter of 10 minutes (or maybe it's just me). So in order to make my husband happy, and my home orderly, I organized all of my sewing things. Patterns, in their place, a wall of scissors, a swatch book of fabrics (in progress) Everything was looking awesome, organized and super clean, but then...I lost my inspiration. I seem to work better in a mess of fabrics. I need the artistic freedom of a mess to relax, and let creativity soar. I guess it is part of the process. At least now when I am done sewing everything has a place.

    As a result of this organized wasteland, I had a hard time making things for the store, hence the frustration in the title. The frustration eventually ended and I was able to make some things (I think some extra rest helped too) So, I have had my store open 2 weeks and have already have two very happy customers, and sold three things...amazing

    Today I listed 4 new things that I really like, 2 paper doll dresses, a tunic and wallet. I plan on making some forget me knot dresses this week, knee bloomers, and nightgowns(not sure I am going to sell any, just make some for my pretty girls). Also on the menu the blessed responsibility rearing 4 precious souls, and having a lot of fun with my husband!

    Happy Sunday!