Tuesday, August 31, 2010

listed my first two bags on Etsy...

Here is the new bag that I made today.

I decided to go ahead and list a couple of items. I listed the two bags that I just made that I really like. I will just put vacation mode during the move. On another note, it will take me a bit to figure out the serger. There are four spools that need to be threaded, so if everything is not right it will not work. A side project I am going to start (if the fabric paper works in my printer) is make a memory quilt for Andrew (aka, the love of my life) to take with him on Deployment. Now that I am getting somewhat set up with my shop, I am going to be working on balance with everything, projects, homeschooling, cleaning, and fun outings with the children. Tommorow is bible study, so no sewing tommorow morning!
Happy Tuesday!

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