Thursday, September 2, 2010

Organizing mass Chaos and more...

Do you ever have it? A room or a house that is completely out of order? If you have any number of children I am sure you have had that at one point or another. I know my house can turn into chaos very quickly. I wanted to give a tip that I do to helps the children and I get Everything in order very quickly. I learned this from a book when I was a little girl, and it has always stayed with me. Take a child's room for example. Toys, clothes, crayons, etc, all over everywhere. What I have my kids do is first make their beds. Next, put EVERYTHING on their bed that is out of place. Now the room is completely clean except the bed. We then quickly organize things in piles, trash, books, clean clothes, dirty clothes, etc, and then simply put the piles away. I do that in my room too, you could do it on the dining room table etc. Another thing I do for the common living areas is to take a basket, put everything in it that is out of place, and organize the basket the same way. Just thought I would share that tip, hopefully someone can use it.

On another note, I got a lot of projects done today, but none for sale. I made myself a purse, made my girls each an apron, and started my husbands quilt. I also ran two miles, practiced piano with my girls, taught bible verses, worked on cursive and manuscript with my oldest two. I would say that is a productive day, right?. I am going to be making some child aprons to sale next, as well as lap top sleeves, I also really want to make some shirts for myself (and eventually sale) Until next time these are the aprons that I made my little girls today.

Happy Thursday!

Here is also the pretty ironing board cover that I got from Etsy!

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