Sunday, August 29, 2010

putting a few things on Hold

After trying several things with my Viking to no avail. I decided that I could not sell anything without a trusty serger to professionaly finish the seams, and get settled into our new homestead. I am still going to be sewing new and old patterns for myself and family, and posting pics. In the meantime I plan to do thourough research on small business, get a designer logo made, clothing lables, and business cards. I am in talks with our builder of our home in SC to do an attic conversion that I am really excited about. I would like to put a large family room and seperate frog (aka sewing room). Really excited about that. I also would like to add onto our deck, and put up a privacy fence. Hmmm I wonder if all of my time spent with my father as a child at construction sites(he owned a consstruction company) will help me build a couple of I was actually even looking at wood saws today. Rachel + saws = scary! More likely my dad will come down and coordinate, and I will will be his trusty helper. I would like to build or have built a large wooden arbor on part of the deck and grow morning glories and moonflowers. That way there would be blooms both night and day.
I would acutally love to have a small chicken coupe for eggs, but that is just in theory, I don't want to be a bad neighbor with a little rooster crowing every morning at the crack of dawn...We will do a garden again...This time Audrey and Naomi will be old enough to weed and water....homeschool 101
Happy Sunday!

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