Wednesday, September 1, 2010

bird purse

I completed another purse (which I am going to make two of) to sell on Etsy. I am in the talks with a graphic designer to get a logo designed. On a side not I saw a giant cockroach by our front door (a common occurrence in Aloha) and went to pick it up and throw it away with a tissue. When I picked it up I startled it and I was surprised to see it still on it's back with it's little heart beating away. It's tiny (well not that tiny) fate was now in my control, and I got a lump in my throat. I suddenly was transported back to all the Disney movies that I saw as a child with some small characters life hanging on the limb. I decided to show this poor little creature mercy. As I opened the door to let it outside a little gecko darted in at full speed. I feel taken advantage of.

On another note, I have some pretty little flowers in my front yard that are blooming for creation. At one point I thought they were dead, but lo and behold they had babies. Though the original plant had long since been dead and tossed in the green waste can, all of it's little babies are now shining in glory. It made me think of my own children and the legacy we leave with them, whether good for man kind or not. I prefer the former. When I pass on I pray that my children will continue to shine God's glory, and their children and so on.
Happy Wednesday

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