Sunday, September 4, 2011

Works in progress....

Sitting here watching TLC and finishing up an order. My whole family is sleeping, and my husband has to get up soon to go in for the night shift. This is usually my time where I get a lot of work done. When I was pregnant with my first a mother I respected told me to make your children's bedtime 7:30pm from the beginning. I think this is one of the best advice I ever took. I always use this time after they go to bed to do things I that love, which is now working on my orders for my shop. 
Here is what I am working on

My retro red check ruffle dress, headed out to the beautiful Australia!
You can see this dress in my shop here

We live in a rural town here in the South, so the nearest fabric shop is about a 45 minute drive.  Because of that I order most of my fabric on-line. It does not always turn out to be the fabric that I hoped it was. This flannel fabric I ordered awhile ago. It again, is not totally what I had hoped for, but I now know that I am going to use it for lining for corduroy pea coats, of red, and navy.

You can check out other listings in my shop here


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