Friday, November 30, 2012

Chevron Tunic, skirt, and a sailor dress

Today I listed 3 new items in my shop which was amazing considering I have also been preparing for a big party we are having at our house tomorrow for my husbands birthday. My shop was also on fire today as I made 7 sales all throughout the day. At lunchtime I also got out all of my records, and did all of my bookkeeping for August. That was pretty amazing to actually see how much I spend verses revenue. I really feel like God is answering my prayer to become more business minded.

So, here are my new listings, starting with the Chevron. I was not planning on doing this with this fabric, but as I was prepping all my fabric I had it laying next to some red broadcloth, and thought it was too stunning not to put it together. This is also going to be party shirt for tomorrow night.

 Next.....The sailor dress. I am married to a sailor so these types of clothes are always getting put together by me. I just adore this fabric by Michael Miller. The red fabric has little sailboats, and the trim at the bottom has a white nautical rope. I debated on whether this fabric was too childish, but it is too neat not to make something for myself in it. Especially being a sailor wife.

 I need to add some more close up photos from my shop of the details on the fabric. It has a very vintage look to that I adore.
 The third item I added was a grey and white Chevron skirt. This is how I would actually wear this outfit except I would add black boots, and un tuck the shirt. Possibly button the sweater.
 You can tell from this picture that it has two layers. This keeps the skirt from getting too shapeless. It also has 1/2 inch elastic which is new for me to use. I usually use 1/4 inch on everything. I actually very much like the look of 2 inch elastic,  and may add some skirts with that soon.

So, what are your thoughts on my new clothing?


  1. So cute! The firs one is my that big red bow in the back. I also like the skirt. Stopping by from the Etsy blog team.

  2. These are lovely - I'd love to be able to make my own clothes. I haven't found a good source of fabric though - often it's so expensive that buying ready made is cheaper (which seems wrong somehow). I would like to be able to alter my clothes though - that would be cool :)

    Sarah @ A Cat-Like Curiosity

  3. They're all very pretty!
    I think I like the tunic best...or maybe the dress...
    I love the colours!

  4. Thanks!!

    @Sarah. that is true-Fabric is very expensive. Handamde items though are a much better quality than store bought. Better materials and craftsmanship