Saturday, December 8, 2012

New Chevrons!

I have been super busy as usual. My shop was doing so amazingly well that I had to actually put it in vacation mode so that I would not get to behind in my orders. My turnaround time on all of my items are 1-2 weeks, and I would like to keep it at that. I still have several orders to get out, but I managed to get 2 more items in my shop this morning. Here they are

Brown and white Chevron peasant top-
 A close up to see colors and details better.
 And the back.
 And a new princess dress for the little girls. This is my little daughter Naomi modeling. She is wearing a 5t-6t. This is the first time that I am offering girls sizes girls sizes 9-10, and 11-12 along with my regular sizing. I use more fabric for the larger sizes, so there is an additional cost on that.
   I talked about the design of this top with my daughters before making it, and they both agreed that they liked an attached belt. I was going to add a grey chevron belt, but I thought it was a bit too much with the chevron base and sleeves.My next girls dress will have one :-) After taking this photo I realized we that we should do these without the undershirt.
 And a close-up to see the details, and the way super fabulous tangerine nails :-)

And those are my new garments-What do you think?

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