Thursday, November 18, 2010

the last banana harvest, and slim pickin's

tictoc, we have now been at our empty house in Aloha for almost two weeks. At first we had a lot of fun, making paper outfits, banging our head against the wall and other creative ventures, but  now the kids, and I are getting pretty bored. We are down to Slim Pickins'.
To stave off boredom, and infuse some novelty, I let the kids go and harvest the banana tree in our backyard. Yes, the banana's are still really green and small, but it was all in good fun for them. Being from the Midwest, I am still amazed that I have tropical fruit growing in my yard.

We planted one plant, and now have a small forest, banana "plants only produce fruit one time, and then they die, so they have a lot o babies

King and guardian of the great banana forrest
despite the strained look, she was really having a pictastic time.
savoring the fruit

I even arrangenged  the banana's into a lotus bloom...

The great harvest reminded me of the mango harvest I did when we first arrived here. I thought it was amazing that we had mango trees producing fruit all over the neighborhood, a ripe for the picken'. It was like heaven until I broke out in a strange poison ivy type rash. I went to the doctor, and they indeed assured me I had, "the mango rash"
That's right, mango trees, are in the same family as posion ivy, sumac, and oak. So if you are allergic to one, you are allergic to the other...
That was the end of my mango picken' days, but the banana's are still my our faithful little green friends.

Happy Thursday!!

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