Saturday, October 9, 2010

Starting to list more winter things, and dashing off to the ball tonight!

Here is a link to the new dress/tunic I listed today. I am in Hawaii so it is hard for me to think of clothing for anything, but perfect weather, but if I want to sell to a global market, and I am going to have too. I Am also choosing more colors for the season, reds, oranges, blacks, and more damask prints...I really like this dress and really like it with black leggings and flats. I think I am going to wear it to church tomorrow.

Here is the link

On another note this is one of the nights, that I love being married to someone in the military. Nothing like dressing up like a princess and dashing off to the ball with a man in a uniform. Not to mention that it is at the Hilton Hawaiian village, one of the best hotels in the islands. Stay tuned for pictures of this great occasion. I died my hair this morning, well my husband did it for me. It was supposed to be a dark red auburn, but it looks more of a dark brown, I like it though, what do you think?

Okay, this is a totally ridiculous picture. I realized these are the only pictures I had of my new hair, so you can't really see it anyways....but that is the dress that  I just listed!