Saturday, October 16, 2010

Navy ball and custom orders

Well, first, we had a lovely time at the ball, very romantic, and great company. I think it was the most enjoyable ball that I have been too. It was also an honor to have Peter Berg as the guest speaker (director of the upcoming film Battleship), and for him to show as a preview of his new film being filmed here in Pearl Harbor. I love getting dressed up and going to the ball with my prince charming. Isn't that every little girls dream. Here are some pictures of the lovely occasion.

                                                     My date, my love and husband of seven years
pretty hair done by my pretty friend

yes, that is the beaches off of Oahu behind us, romantic, isn't it?

                                            My husband, and some of the officers
Peter Berg award winning director

I am also excited about 3 custom orders that I am going to get started on, one is a christmas outfit for a sweet little baby boy, and three custom bibs, one is an christmas dress for a pretty friend, and another is a navy outfit for a sweet baby boy. Busy busy, we are also preparing for a global move to SC from Hawaii coming up soon, so I be taking a vacation from the business during that time.

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