Friday, November 9, 2012

Be. In the moment.

           Can I just encourage you to be in the moment with your children while they are still at home? There are so many distractions pulling us away from our, facebook, etc. Our time with our children is so precious and will be gone before we know it. I will admit that I really struggle with finding balance between raising my five precious souls (vital), and running my Etsy shop (fun). I believe that Sweet Home Boutique has been placed here and established by God, so I just need to trust Him to work out all things. I have been so busy with my shop that last night I had a total "ugly" cry over missing that sacred time with my children...I repented of my skewed priorities and started today fresh. I purposed in my heart that no matter how stressed I get I will not raise my voice at my children. I also purposed to let go and completely trust God that He has "got this".

   This morning after my girls piano lessons (their teacher comes to our home), and our time spent homeschooling we made Thanksgiving suncatchers. I got them in the front of Michaels for $1.00 each. The paint was dry, so if you get these make sure you have kids paint on hand


About half the time I fuss at my children for jumping off the couch. Yes, half of the time, so in other words they are allowed to do it. See, if we are not consistant with our rules and boundaries 100% of the time, than they are not really rules and boundaries at all. So, my new rule is that they are allowed to jump off of the couch after asking me, and under my supervision. Today we made a game of it, and snapped some fun pictures too.

Yay, super fun and good memories made...By the way, this was our last jump because the little one on the couch jumped and landed on my 4 year sons foot seconds after this picture was taken. He was pretty much in unbearlable pain until I had him test out whether he could still do the funky chicken dance.
This post might be cheesy, and I aplogize for that. Even though writting is not one of my gifts I do believe I have something worthwhile to say.
So, I encourage you again to be. in. the. moment. with your children, and to enjoy them. completely.


  1. Yes, it's very important to give your undivided attention to your children -- special mommy time is always needed! My granddaughter loves it when we have a "Mumsie day" -- no mommy, no daddy, just me! It's a great time to focus just on her.
    Your children are so cute -- love the pics of them in flight!

  2. I completely agree! My son is only almost 2, but lately hes been really clingy to me... I think he knows a new baby is on his way (Dec 7) and so this past week, when he wants to sit with me or cuddle for an hour, I think, no biggy, set down my work and that's what we do :) because I want to enjoy him fully as my only little guy for a couple more weeks :)

    Cute pictures of your kids too! :)

  3. Thanks!! It is a tight balancing act with 5 homeschooling children, a husband, home, and business!! It is FUN though too...Just need to put one foot in front of the other!