Wednesday, May 8, 2013

I Am Back Again!!

                     So, where to begin. On the way home from the children's homeschool co-op I decided I would pull off the road and look at this new housing complex. It was a great trip and we were all full of oohhhs and ahhhhs, so I thought I would swing by the office and grab a packet to look at. While going up to the door I was ambushed by some selling agents who wanted to show me some houses, and the kids and I agreed that it would be loads of fun. One step in the new houses door, and we knew we wanted to move. So, here we are about 4 months later settled into our new home with new neighborhood friends, and a garden to boot. In the process of all of the hectic-ness I closed up shop again indefinitely. I found out right before our move that I was also expecting baby blessing number #6 and was over the moon excited. Everything was going great! We had our beautiful new home, baby #6 on the way, close to everything and then I started to bleed. Sure enough at 10 weeks pregnant I found that my baby had passed away. I lived in darkness for about 3 weeks after that, and was really thinking myself in circles over the loss of our baby. I knew I had to do something, anything to get my mind out of the tornado of my miscarriage. I would have tried anything, and all of the sudden the thought came to me to open my shop again. That was the best decision I could have made. I went from crying nearly everyday to lunging my mind full force into my sweet shop. When I opened it up I wanted to hug it. It has been my friend now for over 2 years. I have opened and closed it many times, but every time I come back it is so good to me. My customers are so good to me. In fact, my first week of opening back up was one of my most successful week ever on Etsy. I love Sweet Home Boutique.

                 Some things with my shop have changed. Since our move I no longer have our wooden privacy fence that is the background of many of my pictures. We do however have a beautiful neighborhood that I am exploring to find a good place for pictures. We have a nice tan color garage door, that I know lacks creativity, but I thought it created a nice non distracting background for my clothes so my first new items were in front of my garage.

I got a little more adventurous with my next piece and walked over to the neighborhood gazebo to snap some pictures.

Today I completed our mother/daughter dresses for family pictures next week, so my girls and I grabbed the camera and explored to find a good place for the pictures. We decided that a bridge out in the woods over a creek was a really pretty spot, so this is what we came up with.

I will say I love the green of the woods. I was born in the woods, and my earliest memories of exploring the lush green of the forest and the trees. So every time I am out in the woods I feel like my soul is nourished! So what do you think of the new backgrounds for my clothing? Do you have a favorite one? Do you think I need to keep looking? I look forward to getting more items made and listed in the coming weeks and months.

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  1. Hi Rachel,
    I'm visiting your blog today from the Etsy blog team. I'm so sorry to hear of the loss of your baby. I'm off to visit your shop now. Take Care...