Thursday, August 8, 2013

Afghan Marathon.

I just recently reopened after a bit of a break from my shop. Before I opened up I felt inspired to make everyone in my extended family afghans. The nice thing is that I can make gifts for them, and snap some pictures and list it in my shop as well. We just recently took a trip to Ohio from South Carolina with our travel trailer and five cute children. I was the passenger seat warmer and got some of these afghans made and or finished on our trip. I am also making several new hats to add to my shop for the upcoming fall and winter season. This includes elf, zebra, apple, pumpkins, unicorns and more. I am always so grateful for the privilege of selling things on Etsy. Here are some of my new listings!
Purple people eater afghan I made for my sister.

Orange and blue afghan I made for my nephew. These colors were his request, and this blanket has already been featured on a fall football treasury on Etsy

This was for my mom. It is hard to see in this photo, but the colors are teal and burgundy. Both of these colors remind me of the dangly earrings my mom use to wear when we were children.

This little baby blanket I made for my cousin who is having a little boy. The colors are aqua, light blue, and grey. This blanket was a big hit with my little boys also. My baby decided to crawl on it while I was taking pictures to gave a good size reference.

Here was my set up in the car for most of the ride. I can't wait to list the afghan I am making for my 3 year old son with these colors. 


  1. Oh! I love those colors combination! Teal and coral - my favs!

  2. Oh, thanks! I am almost done with that Afghan, it is gorgeous!!