Wednesday, December 1, 2010

long time no blog...

I have not blogged for several days now, but my heart is swelling with ideas, so I have to share...

I feel like as a military wife, we are sometimes asked to do the impossible. For instance, preparing to move overseas with four children 4 and yourself. We are now in a hotel, and officially checked out of our house here. I am basically spending my time from running around taking care of business in various venues, to laying in my bed with my head in a pillow 'power napping".

In my daily grind with my little troop of cuties I hear several things from random strangers that I would like to share with you...

*your amazing
*you look like a teenager (I really like that one)
*how do you stay sane?
*do you have 2 sets of twins? (no)
*how do you do it?
*you are doing great?
*how do you stay so thin?
*you sure have your hands full
*oh my...
*Are theses ALL yours?
*your children are so cute
*You should write a book?

I get a lot of looks to mainly smiles, but also a lot of deer in the headlights mouth hanging open type of thing...

Sure, I would like to have help, I would like to have a mother who made herself available to me, but that is not the case. I am not bitter about it, I accept that is my lot in life. I have many other blessings to make up for what I lack in that department.

I appreciate all of the positive feedback people give me when I am out. I am surely a busy woman, but this is life that I have chose, and I would not change a thing. Even when I am asked to do the impossible...

On the note of Sweet Home Boutique...

I am antsy to get settled again, and be able to start it back up.
I have several things to do at our new home before I will be able to sell again. We are supposed to get our furniture on the 16th of December, with of course, my husband not being there to help. He will be there for a few days and then will be deploying...again for six months.
I want to paint my house when we get there, I was thinking chocolate vanilla and strawberry, but now I leaning toward only chocolate for the general living areas, and the master bedroom. I am not sure about the children's rooms.
Our builder is there now putting a privacy fence up in the backyard. One things I am nervous about is snakes in South Carolina. There are several poisonous ones. I have not had to worry about the whole time in Hawaii because there are no snakes here (really, isn't that awesome). My son is really excited to see cockroaches there, though they will not compare to the size of the Hawaiian type.
I have decided that I am going to be getting a minivan when we get there, and our builder is going to also be starting our addition that I am really excited about.
I have ordered a large case of Gutterman thread (over 200 spools) for my business, and am getting to ready to order my first dress form. I was going to buy a super awesome pair of Nike's today, but decided that I would use that money instead to buy my dress form..I am thinking more in a producer than consumer mindset now.
So, we are leaving Hawaii in 4 days. I am beyond excited to be moving back to our house in our lovely small town in SC. We can walk to the train station, the library, the grocery store. It is truly a lovely small town. I am not that sad to leave Hawaii, if  I could summarize our time here in a word it would be "stress". It is very beautiful here, but it is not home, and too far from it, to ever consider coming back. As I was walking out of our house on Aloha yesterday for the last time it was a bit sad. My heart started to get a little heavy. We did have some lovely memories there, and it was our home for almost three years.
I know that God has bigger and better things in store for us as we venture into this new season of life, and I am so excited to begin.

                                                                Happy Wednesday!

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