Sunday, March 20, 2011

I saw the light...the skinny

So I quit my work...I am not going to be doing Sweet Home Boutique anymore...I am going to close up shop for good....woo, and it feels good....

I thought I could do everything, but I was decieved...My life was drifting to a place I was not happy with...I forgot the love and happiness I found in being "simply a homemaker"

My children need me...I was burning my self out with all of the sewing (and God bless to all of my customers--thank you deeply for loving my work)..I was staying up late sewing, and getting up early cleaning feeding and homeschooling my children...

When my children got sick, I was not rested enough to properly care for I quit....I need to retreat again to my place of rest....My bed with my face in prayer...Not only for my family, my husband, and my country...but for you...all of you...As I spend time in prayer the Lord brings people to my mind  people that need prayer support...This is the greatest way I can be a servant at this season in my life....

I will still blog, as I really love it...but it will be about my beautiful family, mothering, gardening, prayer, faith, being a wife, our life as a Navy family, and more....oh and sewing....I still love sewing :-)

God bless and happy Sunday...may you rest is his Peace this day


  1. I hope you feel rested soon. And keep on bloging, I just love looking at the pictures of your renovations, it helps me stay positive about mine.

  2. thank you! The attic is now finsihed...I will post pictures soon!