Sunday, March 6, 2011

Sunshine valances, popcorn ceilings, and steps

before my mother-in-law left, we made these together, I bought this fabric to make a bag, but thought it was so pretty I would turn them into valances, she cut the patterns, and I pressed, and sewed them up. When my husband gets back we are going to be replacing a lot of things, namely those floor lamps.

I made matching valances for the living room, and we will be replacing those  blinds. The slats kept falling off so, I started throwing them in the trash....their long bendiness were stressing me out...That piece of paper on the china cabinet is our countdown chart until daddy comes home

The upstairs is also looking good, he has about 2 weeks of work left until it is done...Do you like the step in my sewing room?

here it the step that he put in that goes up to the 9ft hallway, and then playroom

he also this week put in the window seats

oh, and the creation of stairs led to this (no not an industrial strength vacuum cleaner) another hidden storage space!

He has already primed, and this week he is going to be laying all of the trim, painting, and cutting the entryway into our week is carpeting and the finishing touches....YAY!!!

Happy Sunday!!!

oh, and this is what the popcorn ceiling looks like up close :-)

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