Monday, June 27, 2011

my destiny...

Why do I do Sweet Home Boutique?

It all started with this prayer, "Lord, I don't want to miss my destiny"

We were going to church at Hope Chapel West Oahu in Hawaii where the pastor was living in His destiny, and a pretty amazing one at that. He was big on preaching on our Destiny and not missing it, and so went my prayer. I thought it a sad state to go through life and never reach the mark of why I was here. My heartfelt surrendered prayer birthed in me the desire to start a clothing shop. I have always loved to sew, and I look back and see how Sweet Home Boutique was always there. Of course like every little girl I loved dressing up, and inventing outfits. In fifth grade my "style" was men's ties and twirl skirts. In middle school it was flannel shirts (another item borrowed from my dads clothing stash). I was in a modeling competition when I was 14  and I had no interest in looking my "best", but having the most style...a superman shirt, red skirt, shoes, and white high heals. This outfit that made me get voted, "most likely to start a fashion trend" in my 8th grade class.  In high school my sister and I always made a stop at a massive goodwill on the way home from visiting family in Ohio. They had a large selection of vintage clothing, and I always stocked up on bell bottoms, and dresses from the 1970's. (my inspiration pictured below)

my parents on their wedding day :-)

So, on to the destiny part. I do not feel more alive and excited than when I am making clothing. It is a passion that the Lord has birthed in me, and I believe one of the purposes I was born in this time. I want to be sure to  keep the Lord glorified in my shop as He is the only source of success and failure. I don't know all of the reasons of why this is my destiny, or what God is going to do with it, but I know that I need to stay surrendered in every area of it for Gods purpose to be fullfilled in this shop.
                                                            Happy Monday!


  1. I believe you are on the right track here. My one suggestion would be to find a few Bible verses that really speak to you and post them in your studio or sewing space. They will be a wonderful source of inspiration and a constant reminder that you are here to do God's work. Good luck.

  2. Thank you for the suggestion. I do love to read Proverbs 31. That scripture reminds me I am on the right track with my Etsy shop:-)