Friday, July 1, 2011

Her children arise and call her blessed, and more on the shop...

One of the verses in Proverbs 31 is that her children arise and call her blessed. My children do arise and call me blessed. Yes, they are 5,4,3 and 17 months, but I think that I am on the right track with keeping it that way. Here is what I have learned about mothering successfully up to this point.

---Respect their father, even if you are no longer together, respect him. Even if he is not respectable, respect him. They learn how to treat you by the way that you treat others. Especially if it is someone as important as their dad.
They will honor you for your love, respect, kindness towards others.

---spend time with them doing things that they love...It's tying strings. The time that you have with them is sacred, precious, and will build and nurture a loving and trusting relationship that will last a lifetime.

---teach them to work---My children even at their tender ages do many chores around the house because they are capable of doing them. I don't put too much on them and be sure to balance it with play, special trips, and relaxation. A child who works has respect for property, respect for themselves, and will be content in a house that NEEDS their contribution.

---nurture them---listen to their heart, and pray about the things that you hear

----pray for them---daily, all day, without ceasing. Pray that their hearts would be soft, pliable and teachable..Pray for them, this is a mothers most powerful asset.

ceremony where I pinned my husband Lt in the Navy, and yes I am wearing the most popular dress in my shop.
 Sweet Home Boutique is going well. In one week I have made 7 sales so far. I am also going to have the opportunity to make my first cinch belt. A customer in Switzerland asked if she could have the above pictured dress with a cinch belt instead of a bow (and specialty fabric as well). I have ordered several yards of 3 inch elastic, and will make hers. I am very excited to make them, and if I really like them, stay tuned, they will be in my shop...I particularly like the style, and love getting new ideas from my customers...

Right now I am working on several orders to construct and ship out. I am in the process of restocking all of my fabrics that I am out or low on. I like having all of my fabric ready, so when an order is placed I can construct it and ship it out. Right now I am waiting on several different types of fabric to come in so my turnover time is not as quick as I like, but by next week all of the kinks should be worked out, and I should be operating again as a well oiled machine...

Here are some new tops that I have sold in the past, and will re list again as soon as I can order the fabric. I love this fabric from Moda, their fandango collection.

Happy Friday!!


  1. I love this. I couldn't agree more especially about the pray for them part. Thanks:)

  2. You can never pray too much for your children. Have you read The Power of a Praying Parent by Stormie Omartian? I prayed those prayers everyday for my children. My husband was in the army and I remember pinning on his LT bar...very exciting!