Monday, July 4, 2011

fireworks and a new dress....

We did have big plans for going the local lake for the 4th, and watching the fireworks, but silly us, they were on Saturday...Fortunately some places still have fireworks tonight so we are going to drive to the next town over, and watch them tonight...
We also had some firework fun at the house last night as well
daddy set off fireworks

mommy held back baby from touching the fireworks showed baby the fireworks

the little girl saw the fireworks

It was all great fun.... I also constructed a new dress for my shop

The inspiration behind this dress was my desire as a teenager to become a flight attendant. As I was making this dress, I was thinking how fun it would be to design a flight attendant line (seriously, these things use to be high fashion)
see what I mean?  (photo courtesy of trip cart)

Happy Monday!

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  1. Cute dress!

    Stopping in from the Etsy blog team :)
    Happy 4th!