Tuesday, July 5, 2011

more fireworks, and another new dress...

We were able to get out and see some real fireworks last night...
 We had a lot of fun...

we danced...
we twirled

we laid in the grass (plus toes)
  Life was not all leaping and twirling over the holiday though...I also made this fancy dress for my Etsy shop
fancy dress

fancy because there is all of this detailed work right here, with the ruffle and such...stay tuned for more like this.
My inspiration behind this dress was early 1940's summer picnic in Germany...(not that I did that, but that is what I was thinking of)

Oh, and I am also selling my work on Art fire now too...It seems like a pretty neat artisan venue, though I also LOVE etsy!
                                                                         Happy Tuesday!!

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