Monday, July 25, 2011

Organizaton Station...the Situation...

Here is the Situation...sewing rooms are hopelessly messy....It is possible to get everything looking perfect, but the minute you get to work there are strings, fabric scraps, patterns, and pins everywhere..Well, this is not a good thing when you are trying to keep everything in your shop going smoothly 
 So last night while  all of the little ones were sleeping I did my organize mass chaos method I wrote about here...

this basically consisted of me throwing everything into a big pile, and then separating it...

big pile of patterns, that are now organized and labeled

where organized and labeled patterns go, from the left, girls, boy, and women

the thread was already organized, but I gathered up all of the random spools, and took them to their spot

labels on the drawers

alright, this might seem messy, but it really is organized (and yes, my sewing room is orange, it is the right of every sewing room to contain an odd color wall.

fabrics, I went through each one, and cut off scraps, and placed like pieces together. (It still needs to be fine tuned)
 My green dress form is where I pin all of the clothing that is in progress, and behind that the scissor wall and dry erase board... The dry erase board is where I write all of my orders down, as well as days I plan for them to go out.  As they are complete and go out, I erase them off...The erasing it off part feels GREAT!

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  1. I think your room looks great! I love the dress form. Wish I had one. It does make it so much easier to work in an orgainzed room.