Sunday, August 14, 2011

how to change your serger thread, quickly!

how to change your serger thread, quickly....If you are like me, it  already takes enough time to  thread your serger. You shutter at the thought of changing it again.  I somehow stumbled upon something about the tie off method for changing serger thread. I did not get a change to read the article, but thought  I would try it based on the title "tie off method"....A serger is also called an interlock machine, and is used to make those pretty neat seams on most professionaly sewn items.

1. Start with your serger already threaded

2. Snip the thread as close the spool as possible, add the new color and begin to tie on

3. Make sure when tying on you secure the knot very tightly.

4. Cut off the extra thread on the side.

5. Run your machine as usual.

VOILA the thread is now changed...
It use me around 20 minutes hunkered over my machine meticulously changing the thread, and with this method it now only takes 5.

                                                                      Happy Sewing!!!
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  1. What a great idea! That makes threading so much quicker.