Saturday, May 11, 2013

Spinning Out A New Purple Dress.

I have been working more with knits lately, and I am trying to find more ways to incorporate them in my line in interesting ways. Anyone can make plain shirts, skirts, and dresses, but to stay with my brand my clothing needs to have some stunning fabric. Yesterday after sewing cutting, and experimenting I came up with this dress.
 First I made a light grey cap sleeve top, and then attached a skirt to it with elastic thread.
 I didn't think that it looks complete so I attached a matching purple sash that can be tied in the front or the back.
I really really like this super comfortable dress. I had it on for pictures and was going to change out of it so that I could wear it on mothers day, but it was so comfortable I kept it on all day. So what do you think? Would you like to see more dresses like this with interesting fabrics in my shop?


  1. It is gorgeous! I swear as soon so loose this baby weight I an going to year myself to one of your dresses. :)

  2. Found your blog on etsy :) I'm loving it!