Monday, January 3, 2011

zip a dee doo da

What a wonderful day!

I love days that are very productive, and today was one of them. We will see how things start to roll with the biz now that things are pretty much up and running. Since my last blog update I have listed two more items, and sold two, with a possible wholesale order to Spain. My prices are as low as possible so my retail price is the same as what I would sale at wholesale. I am very excited about this prospect of working with this retailer.

On the home front, we are busy as a bee with home school, shopping, still setting up house, gymnastics, and soon to be piano and dance for the girls. They are also doing missionettes, which is a church type of girl scouts. I have volunteered to be a classroom helper there.

Our builder is coming on Wednesday with the heating and AC guys to look at what needs to be done to start the conversion. They are adding 700 sq feet, including my office for Sweet Home Boutique...

As many of you know, I am a self taught seamstress, and when we lived in our house here 3ish years ago I started learning to sew. In Hawaii I had a sewing room and would stay up all night sewing away, and honing my skills, but this house, here, is where it all began. I remember one day feeling a bit cramped with our 1300 sq ft home, and dragging my sewing machine up the ladder to the attic, and sitting in the unfinished frog cutting patterns and things. Now, that is the exact same spot where I am going to be working in my business. How wonderfully amazing and beautiful is that?

I am also making a purple linen dress for my sister. Since we are almost exactly the same size I am going to model it and list it  in my store before I send it off to her.

Here are my newest listings in Sweet Home Boutique

I think the style of the little girls dress is cute, I am going to be making more of those types of dresses with some pretty prints. The shirt is, yes, another tunic. I am almost over making these types of shirts...almost. They are by far my most popular, and I will continue to sell them, but I am not sure how many more of this style I will make. I am in the works of making a wide belt skirt...I have had the pieces cut for awhile, but need to put it together. I am also wanting to try some more dress styles for women. Well who, knows what I am going to make, it is all in good fun. I love what I do, and I LOVE that so many other people do as well.
Go Lord!

                                                                   Happy Monday!

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