Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Not by power, nor by might

I have experienced some of this with my workload, caring for 4 small children, moving 6000 miles away, getting settled, starting and building a business, oh, and homeschooling. Some would consider that quite the heavy load, and it is. The thing is that I have been prepared for all of this my whole life....

As a child I was always full of energy, bouncing talking, and basically annoying people around me with my constant zest. There were times when I would be down on myself for being so energetic, but now I know why the Lord has made me this way....to accomplish everything listed above. Now that I have  four children and still have a lot of energy people want some for themselves. It is funny how the things we get picked on for when we are little are, as an adult, one of our greatest assets.

When I was in college I was a mass communication student, and even though I was not yet a christian, I felt the pull of the Lord to go into education. After about 2 years of resisting, I finally switched. Since graduation I have not worked in my field (I had my first daughter right after I finished). I was curious why the Lord would lead me to teach when I was going to be a stay at home mom...indefinitely...I can see it now unfolding as I educate my own children...I feel that I have been thoroughly prepared to do so, and I now consider all of my training...priceless....

Okay, to be frank...When I met my then future husband we were chatting, and he told me that he wanted to make things as easy as possible for his wife .I could not help but thinking that this would be a pretty sweet deal.  Less than a year later we were married, and he did  lavish me with constant TLC, but then....the Navy stepped in...and the pretty sweet deal turned into me being alone a lot of our marriage raising four children

So, the moral of the story is...this grace that have been given to me to accomplish this mission and destiny He has for me is only found in the Lord. How many times do we stand in front of a big boulder, push our sleeves up and say, "Ive got this" only to carry it, fall down, and be completely burned out by carrying all the weight alone.  Some days I feel so overwhelmed with my work ahead of me, but there are a couple of things I have been shown through fasting and prayer...

ALWAYS, always, always start the day with a devotion or bible reading...I am reading a daily devotion for homeschooling moms, and it so encourages me...Find one that applies to your life right now...That way, you start the day out with the right frame of mind, and whatever storm comes your way, you have the spiritual perspective to look at it clearly.

Another is prayer, and a lot of it! Nap time for the children is usually when I make a cup of coffee and eat a little snack, trying with all of my might to keep on working...The thing that I have learned is that I don't need the coffee to keep me going...it is artificial stamina....The best thing I can do is lay face down in my bed, and pray...Meditate on the Lord, and remember again that I am doing all of this not by my power nor by my might...but by the spirit of God that is living and breathing inside of me...

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I am a single mom of six now so I get to do it all, always. No family and very little friend support. I never think that this is too much, I just know it has to get done and I get it done, as simple as that. I homeschool, I take university classes, I started a business, I am renovating my house and I am dealing with several losses. What gets me through the difficult days are my children, always. They are my life, my everything.


  2. thank you for sharing. I am sure it is my children who motivate me to get up and go go go everyday. It is the Lord in my life that gives me a hope for the day and tommorow.