Sunday, February 13, 2011

tagging, sticking and stitching

I have been super busy this week with orders. I love, love, love my customers, and I hope they can feel that in the products that I provide for them...I have made and shipped orders out this week to Colorado, New York, Massachusetts, Texas, North Carolina, Florida, and more. I have also made my first sale to New Zealand. I always get super excited for international orders. It is my goal to sell to both Ireland and Israel...I have always wanted to go to Ireland and run through the hills, and Israel, well it's Israel.

I am expecting several bolts of Fabric from designers like Amy Butler, Anthology, and Free Spirit. Unfortunately my first couple of bolts went on a vacation in Hawaii first, as I did not realize until after they shipped that my eBay address had not been updated to SC....ooops....I hope they have a nice trip and come home soon.

I am also wanting to try out several new things in my shop. By far my empire waist tunics are my most popular and main seller, but I am also wanting to add women pea coats for spring, and a simple wrap skirt with contrasting belt. I have a great pattern by mod kid for a little girls dress with a pointy hoodie, and I can't wait to make several more of those when the bolts start coming in. I have been so busy with custom orders, that I will not get a chance for more designs until I complete all of my customers orders.

I have also started tagging all of my clothing. These tags are a bit tiny, but after I use these 160, I will make sure to buy larger next time

This is my new machine, it is a lot more basic than my viking, but I am only doing basic sewing, and I LOVE the auto tension!
I also got Sweet Home Boutique Stickers!! I know they are not needed, but I think they add a nice touch to my packages. It makes my brand more visible!
                                                   Have a wonderful week Everyone :-))))))


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  2. oh, thank you for saying that. I sometimes wonder if anyone is reading it :-))