Sunday, July 10, 2011

old photo, new photo...

We made better photos of my clothing today. I am working on photos for my etsy shop-Sweet Home Boutique-most of my pictures either my daughters took (3 and 4 at the time), or  I took them myself....Since my husband is now home on shore duty he is my new photographer. He use to not be into it, but now that he sees that I actually make money, he is a lot more willing to take pictures.

This picture was snapped right after construction. Andrew took it, but I had to get him to take it before he went to work. There are many flaws with this picture. Notice he BIG string hanging from the bottom, and the door and door stopper in the background.

This is the picture we re-did today. Fence in the background like most of my pictures. I have also made a bit more effort with my hair than the original (a little bit). Despite the bad picture of the original I sold 2 of these so far. It has also something like 38 hearts,and been in at least 2 treasuries. I am hoping the improved pictures draw more attention to the beautiful dress, and less to "that string" and the door.

not a totally bad picture of the dress, but the quality of the photo is what is flawed (and the distracting background). I took this one myself on the deck

this is the new picture taken today. The colors are a lot better, and the quality of the photo itself is great. Unfortunately the belt should have been ironed before this dress was photographed, but still an improvement from the original.

 So, what do you think? Do you think the new photos are much better, or do you think they still need a lot more work?

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  1. I think the dresses are wonderful ... I don't see any thread hanging. The photos are improving .. although the color is slightly washed, I really like the background from the deck. Try thinking about interesting outdoor backgrounds for your lighting. Is there perhaps a fountain in your town, or a park with great trees.

    Small steps become big steps.