Wednesday, November 14, 2012

This and That.

So, where to begin. I have been so busy here with everything in general. I have a horrible habit of spending WAY to much time on the computer. Just ask my family :-)...I think I need to work on that but it is hard when I have an online boutique, and yes facebook IS my daily social life with my friends. Now that I have both clothing and crochet items in my shop I get a bit conflicted...I really want to crochet new projects, but I also want to add some more clothes. Instead of going for it and doing one I just stand there a bit stunned, then  hop on the computer instead..Not Good for business!
I justify it by promoting when I am online. I am in the process of a promotion on my facebook page now. It is going well, but I should have added more requirements...I will be doing that on my next giveaway that I will start on Friday, and host from my blog. Not sure of what I am going to be giving away yet, so if you have any suggestions of things from my shop, you can leave it in the comments below. I am very open to input.

On motherhood, gosh, sometimes I feel like such a failure. I mean, I know I try my best, but I of course always fall short. The hardest part of motherhood I believe is always being a good example to my children. They watch everything I do, how I eat, my habits and attitudes..I always need to check myself because I really don't feel like I can do much if my child is acting out, and I am seeing myself in that particular behavior. The only thing I can do is of course tell them they are wrong, and then check myself and work on it. Like all moms, I want my children to be everything that they can be.

Back to my shop again, I have been able to get out some more things in between sending out orders from a big rush to my shop last week. Here are some new things that I listed. Please tell me what you think of them. The picture in the yellow skirt I took myself with a continuous timer, so I am not really sure about them. Also, I was going to wear a really nice brown ruffle shrug over the top, but I couldn't find it so I wore a short hoodie instead. Not sure that works so much either, but I think it gives it maybe an edgier (or dirtier ) look..

I also listed a crochet frog hat.

 I was actually pretty happy with the frog hat because I just put it together without looking at any patterns.
What are your thoughts on the new listings, and how about the edgie, grungy hoodie?  Does it work or should I redo those pics?


  1. Thanks- you must know I needed to hear that about now!

  2. Your frog hat is adorable! And I think the hoodie looks great with the skirt. The colors all just scream fall, so they work well together.
    And don't feel like you're alone, every small business owner feels overwhelmed sometimes! I'm a workaholic and have a hard time remembering to spending time with my family and friends!

  3. That frog had is so cute! Love the whole outfit, that skirt is great.

    Edi's right, don't feel like you're alone! I too can get wrapped up in working and other parts of my life become neglected. There's always so much to keep up on and it's very time consuming. I have to remember to set time aside.

  4. I like the brown hoodie with the skirt and I think the pictures are all great. I also love the froggie hoodie... so I guess I have no suggestions! I can relate to your computer issues. I recently saw a graphic about how much productivity is lost to social media and it was definitely sobering. I try to "media fast" from about 5pm every day until the next morning. I think it actually helps me sleep better.

  5. Oh I think the hoodie looks perfect with the skirt. Very stylie indeed! Great job on the frog hat too.

    Chin up - you are doing a great job!

    Popping over from the EBT...

  6. Love your work! I wish I had mad sewing and crocheting skills...I just know the basic sewing of hemming pants and curtains ;-)

    Jessica from the Doily Duck :)

  7. Thank you all for the feedback on the hoodie...I was sort of feeling it, but now I am sold it works. Thanks for the frog hat love also...

    The encouragment means a lot to me also. I think we all could benefit from a large group of encouraging people in our lives. You guys are the BEST