Friday, November 16, 2012

Fun times giving away!

A couple of things, I really appreciate the encouragement that I got from the last post. It meant a lot. I have been searching for way to promote my shop and fan page, and thought I would try and host a giveaway on my facebook page. Well, it worked, and I had so much fun with it. I really have no idea how to do a fancy giveaway so I did the drawing old school style. I wrote down everyones name on a piece of paper and put it in a bowl. I had one of my children draw the name so  that they could feel involved in the contest. I really want to include them as much as possible in the workings of Sweet Home Boutique. I know if they feel like they are vital in important things, they will have no desire to rebel and run away as they get older. I mean who wants to leave a place where they are so desperately needed. I do find it hard though to include them in everything. Like, my girls really want to sew for the shop but they are not quite ready yet :-)...I tell them to keep practicing, and pretty soon they will be doing everything.

So, on to the contest. I asked my husband to take a couple pictures of me preparing the drawing for my blog, and here is what I

Afterwards I took the camera over and snapped a picture of the bowl of names!
 I then had miss America pick a name!
 YaY, my first contest winner (excuse the greasy face, I had not washed up yet)
 I was so excited  doing this that I am going to be giving away a custom crochet owl hat every Friday from my facebook page, so make sure you go over there and sign up!

I also got to working on some new things to my shop.  I actually cut the fabric for this dress a couple of weeks ago, but just had the chance to sew it together last night. We have some really pretty red roses in our yard so my daughter and I grabbed one and headed out to the backyard behind our fence to snap some pictures. My children are actually very enthusiastic to model for me because I pay them $1.00. Not every time they model, but every month or so we go shopping with their obedient jar money, and I put the dollar in there with it.
 I didn't actually use this picture in my shop,  but I really like it.
 I also crocheted a love bug hat for my hats collection. I like the colors, and I had to replace some other hats the I took out. Even thought the Mickey and Minnie, Hello Kitty, and Captain America were popular in my shop, they are licenced characters, and I want my shop to be above board on everything. If I want Sweet Home Boutique to be a strong company it has to be built right from the bottom up.

So, what do you think about the cherry dress, and the love bug hat?
Also, make sure to head over to my facebook page to enter the giveaway for the crochet owl hat.


  1. so who.won? lol I'm irene barojas from your fb page and ftm2frankie on bbc

  2. A nice mommy from I think Texas...She is getting her hat for her little girl :-)

  3. The winner was announced on my facebook page :-)

  4. I may have to try such a thing. Looks fun!
    Gretings from Magicpots and etsy blog team.