Sunday, November 18, 2012

Old Friends, New Friends, A Giveaway, And A Break.

                       I have decided to put my shop into vacation mode for one week, and will reopen on November 23. I had a heart to heart with my daughter (5) the other night and she told me that she didn't get to spend that much time with me and then started crying. That prompted me to close my shop up for a week to focus more on the things that my children love and want to learn more about. We made a list of of things that each of them would like to learn and we are going to be spending the next week pursuing those interests. Last  night they wanted to learn how to do origami, so I looked up some simple kid origami and we made swords, and pianos. I am intentionally trying to have special bonding time with my children at home so for the last couple of nights we have all gathered on the sectional sofa like a passel of cats, as I read from the Little House on The Prairie series before bed. I plan on doing this every night until we read the whole series. We read about 2-3 chapters a night, and after that we will find another wholesome and classic series to read...Any suggestions on a good one? It can be a series or a book.

My ship of learners.
                            Also the weekly owl hat giveaway is going great, and I am having people entering the contest from all over the world. I did not specify that it had to be from the US, and I am perfectly fine with shipping overseas, as I have done that several times in the past. I was kind of dreaming up something as an instrument of blessing from my shop too via my facebook page...I would like to host some type of giveaway for a needy and deserving little girl. Like, people would enter the giveaway on behalf of that child, and the child would receive a beautiful custom dress made just for her. I would want children represented who have lost a parent or sibling, who is sick, in foster care, or just overall in need to be told, that YES YOU are a princess, and so special that someone has made a beautiful dress just for YOU. It could be overseas, or stateside....I am not sure of how I would go about all of that but in the meantime I will continue to hold the owl hat giveaway's every Friday until Christmas, so make you sure you sign up for that on my facebook page to enter the contest.

                            Yesterday was an exciting day. A friend of mine started a playgroup that meets once a month in our town. We had planned to get together outside, but it was pretty cold, so I offered to host it at my house..I am always up for a big party. My house is not big, but it is very child friendly. It was a bit of a large crowd, and I saw a lot of old friends, and met some new ones as well! It kind gave me a feel for what the Mustache Bash is going to be like that  I am hosting later this year for my husband in which 19 families have RSVP'd to come.

Play group starter on the right, who is due any day with #2!

old friends

new friends

The mommies posing
The playgroup's player's


That is all that I have for now, if you have any ideas for a good series to read my children, or a good way to go about the princess giveaway, please share in the comments below. Thanks!

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